Kids Yoga

Is your little yogi ready to practice on their own? All you need to book on to available classes is here!

Yoga for children allows children to explore their physical, mental and emotional bodies, in a safe, supported and fun way.

The emphasis is always on encouraging children to move their bodies in a safe way that feels good for them. This allows them the space and time for creativity and to use their imagination. Most importantly, it creates a safe space for stillness and relaxation.

Yoga for children provides a much needed respite from the fast paced life that adults have created for them. A time for play and exploration, using the body, the mind and the breath in a systematic way, providing balance and relaxation.

All the info you need about how to book upcoming classes is detailed below.


How to Book

It’s a slightly different method to book your child into a class. Please follow the below instructions carefully (there are 4 steps – you may need to scroll along the tabs if you’re on a mobile device) and do not book yourself on to the class in place of your child.

Each parent or guardian must register themselves within our booking system allowing you to book for your child. Your children should not have their own account unless they are over the age of 13.  Please make sure you add all your contact details and emergency contact details when you register.

To register with us, please click here. After doing so (or if you are already registered), go to Step 2.

Upcoming Classes

Instead of clicking to book onto the class on this timetable, please follow the steps above to add your child rather than yourself.